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Re-creational Nature

The HuB Competition, 2010














Honorable Mention

Location: Charleston, SC


   The new Downtown Transit hub is conceived as an extended city fabric of Charleston. By folding and undulating hexagonal pattern, Charleston’s famous cobble stone streets and beautiful forrest are re-created on the wall and roof of the Transit hub which accommodates various civic functions under a continuous surface.

   At street level, the undulating pattern of west corner opens up and invites the street to take part in the variety of activities within atrium space. Through its scale and variety, the inside space becomes almost that of a street which allow seamless connection between interior and exterior. The ground and roof becomes new front that can engage the landscape in creative, urbanistacially responsive, and environmentally sensitive ways.

   This hexagonal surface becomes structural and accommodates different perforation without losing its continuity. The perforation changes according to different functions and allow different environment to be housed within one surface, which provide both consistency and distinction in this mixed-use building. This skin system allows for heightened performance and dynamic composition on several levels: these apertures create a continually moving shadow pattern following sun’s location, provide variety on the facade and views to the outside.

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