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Mind the  Gap Competition, 2009













Competition Entry



   In 1886 the Eiffel tower was constructed for the World Expo in Paris, with plans to remove it upon completion of the event. However, the tower has remained and is now an icon of Paris. Even though initial 150–story condominium tower project is on hold, we expect this could come back in the end. Like the Eiffel tower, the main tower is conceptually a temporary structure, but in the event of its prolonged temporality, it may serve as an icon to the city combined with the public park on the ground level.



   Instead of using a rigid Jeffersonian grid or overly complicated organic pattern, the design is inspired by initial 86’-8” hole and adopts “bubbling” as a malleable and versatile organization strategy. The circles are stretched and squeezed strategically - while maintaining 4ft gap between them – spreading apart to produce public urban spaces like museums, cafeterias, restaurants, and plazas, and compress to create private urban spaces like corridors and lawn space.

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