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탱크3 도서관 포토샵
탱크5 포토샵
탱크4 렌더링
탱크1 렌더링

Weave the VOIDS

마포 석유비축기지 계획안, 2014













현상설계 참가작

위치 : 서울시 마포구

용도 : 문화시설

규모 : 5,400 m²

   The extraordinary presence of the tanks void of their original purpose have great potential to be transformed into an integrated infrastructure whereby programs, spaces, and typologies are interwoven as a way of producing a provocative architectural vision. This park is a vision of the future progression of Seoul as a cultural hub which allows visitors to experience an ultimate experience of past, present, and future.



   5 tanks are ‘weaved’ with an undulating loop to create a malleable and versatile urban fabric that is able to conform to deformations of the land, topography, and spatial restrictions. This will make a clear visual and physical connector bringing surrounding site together. Undulating pathway organizes Exhibition, Information and Performance spaces as overlapped clusters to create gradient loop which allows dynamic interaction between programs.







   While keeping original structure, Tank 5 has apertures of various sizes and the circulation paths that wrap around the tank that allow people to feel the oil tank better. This aperture provides generous levels of indirect sunlight inside the building as well as allowing natural air circulation. These apertures create a continually moving shadow pattern following sun’s location, providing variety on the façade and views to the outside.







   Each tank has its own beauty as a visual, spatial object. However, each tank is not an isolated monument, but an extended fabric through the continuous pathway for the exhibition, information, performance and service areas as well as an outdoor landscape which bleeds into the surroundings. In this strategy, the oil tanks work as visual, spatial devices in the entire park.







   The continuous pathway allows an unobstructed flow of people across and within the site, creating a new public place. The softly swaying pedestrian pathways will allow the mediation and integration of the various heterogeneous programs within the park. Due to its lengthy and winding shape, this pathway can be seen from the street around site as a vista. By strolling around the walkways, people will come across all the activities happen within the park.




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