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   The new Central Bank HQ is conceived as a ‘Community Center’, contained within undulating steps. The outdoor steps are envisaged as an extension of the surrounding environmental and cultural atmosphere, which emerges from the site, gradually merging into an existing Central Bank HQ building. The open cityscape allows an unobstructed flow of people across and within the site, creating a new public square.





The Central Bank in the 21th Century

Docomomo Ire Competition, 2014














Competition Entry

Location : Dublin, Ireland

Program : Cutural Center



   There is a central atrium that rises to the full height of the building. Around atrium space Exhibition spaces and Commercial spaces are overlapped to create dynamic interaction between programs. By strolling around the atrium space, you will come across all the activities happen inside.








   The main triple height space of the podium space with strata of balconies will house public amenities-including meeting rooms, social space, seminar rooms, lecture halls, wireless hubs, cafeteria etc.







   The steps like ‘Spanish Steps’ in Rome invite the city to take part in the various activities within the Building. People can have casual chats with local residents, have a cup of coffee or just enjoy the city views. These steps create not just a casual meeting point, but also opportunities for more formal events such as performance, parades or public manifestations. These steps are meant to create a new kind of public space where free interactions between people happen everywhere.






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